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School Uniform

New School Uniform Announcement – Finale Costume

Skirt: Satiny circle skirts with a chic black elastic waistband.

Colours: Choose from yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, or aqua.

DIY Time: Join our sewing bee on Sat 28th October, 1:00pm at our studio. The material and elastic will be available on the day, but let’s liaise to see who can bring sewing machines, thread, chalk, scissors, measuring tape etc. Can't make it? No worries, we can arrange a class specific sewing bee or I can add a second studio one, or feel free to get crafty on your own. 

Materials: We've got all the fabulous colours ordered. Just ensure a rainbow spread in your classes. Costs are kept minimal – think $12 for satin and $6 for the elastic. Optional petticoats in contrasting colours are available for $16.50 - we have ordered plenty in all sizes and colours (or use your own).

Skirt Steps

  1. Material: Start with a 150cm x 150cm square.
  2. Folding: Fold your material in half, then once more, until you've got a 75cm x 75cm square.
  3. Radius Details: Use our handy calculator (bottom of page) to determine both your small and big radius.

   - Small radius is all about hip width, derived from your hip's circumference.

   - Big radius is the small one plus waist-to-knee distance, with a little 1.5cm for the hem.

  1. Adjustments: If the big radius goes beyond 75cm, here are some nifty tricks:

   - Skip the hem, using an overlocker with matching thread.

   - Reduce the small radius slightly, add a split and fastener.

   - Opt for a slightly shorter skirt.

   - Reduce the hip measurement to your boob measurement and slide it on over your head!

  1. Drawing: Using string and fabric chalk, draw from the corner with the 2 folds either side. You're aiming for two quarter circles, one with the small and another with the big radius.
  2. Cutting: Once you're set, cut those circles out (do double-check your folds).
  3. Elastic Time: Measure slightly less than your waist. It should be snug but comfy (remember to future proof!).
  4. Sewing: Stretch and pin the elastic around the inner circle, then sew with the elastic stretched. When you release, voila! A beautifully gathered skirt with a chic elastic waistband that'll pair perfectly with our black tees. The skirt should be sewn to the bottom of the elastic so you have a visible thick elastic waistband that looks like a belt.

T-Shirt Twist

Miss Nicole's working her magic with sparkly cats on a black t-shirt. Tees are from Kmart, with a sparkly cat in a contrasting colour to your skirt. Please fill in this form by 21st Oct. If you'd prefer to source your own tee, just ensure it's a round-neck, short-sleeved black one, and still fill in the form but don’t include a t shirt selection if you just want the cat.  Miss Nicole will make the iron on sparkly cat with her fancy cricut machine.


The theme? Baubles, bangles, and beads. Wear what you have (one, two or all 3!) or check out Kmart's festive bauble headband here for inspo.

Special thanks goes to Miss Nicole and Miss Janet for all the making and prototyping they have done, and our wonderful uniform committee of 8 kittens whose creativity and practical skills and tips have shaped and developed our new school uniform.

Stay sparkly,

Miss Gemma

Circle skirt calculator

Your Measurements (cm)

Waist measurement (smallest part):
Hip measurement (biggest part):
Waist to knee:
Bottom Hem (recommended 1.5):

Calculated Outputs (cm)

Small circle radius:
Big circle radius:
Length of elastic:

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