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Miss Kate

Miss Kate photo Miss Kate

Miss Kate is a tapping queen with a flair for the dramatic. She'll teach you how to tap your way to stardom, one clickety-clack at a time. With her signature mix of glam and sass, Miss Kate will help you bring your inner diva to life.

Her Saturday tap class is a hot spot for intermediate dancers, Miss Kate will help you take your tap dance skills to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to shimmy, shake, and shimmy your way to tap dance glory with Miss Kate!

Here are some fun facts about Miss Kate:

  • She wears a different pair of tap shoes every day, each one more sparkly and outrageous than the last.
  • She has a pet poodle named Taps who wears a tap dance costume.
  • She collects vintage tap dance records and memorabilia.
  • She has a signature tap dance move called the "Kate Kick" that is known throughout the tap dance world.
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