Online Tap Dance Classes

In a world gone mad, we have to do everything we can to maintain our happy times and our glamour.

And now through the magic of Zoom, we are currently running all of our classes streamed live from our beautiful St Kilda studio.

What our Zoomettes are saying about our online classes

"I'm tapping my troubles away in my kitchen!! "- Miss Bronwyn

"Zoom is like a private lesson you don’t need to leave home for" - Mr Wayne

"Tapping with Miss Jane and my class on Zoom is the highlight of my week! It’s great to be able to learn, dance and laugh and feel a little normal in these crazy times " - Miss Katrina

"It’s also great because it’s less obvious if you make a mistake!" - Miss Jessica

"Yay for online tap" - Miss Felicity

"And when I’m sad because it’s over and I have to wait till next week, I remember I can do as many classes as I want!!!! " - Miss Ellie

"and there is always someone to copy!! " - Miss Bronwyn

Click here to contact Miss Jane to book your online class