Mr Shane

Mr Shane started at Glamour Puss Studios as a tap student, but soon revealed his secret identity as a champion ballroom dancer with a house crammed full of Strictly Ballroom style golden trophies. Miss Jane soon had him out on the dance floor showing the glamour kittens his moves, and "Tina Sparkle Saturdays" were born - our popular Saturday morning show off ballroom classes at our St Kilda studio. (We dance without partners, and discuss Swarovski crystals at length) Whist continuing on with his tap lessons, and trying not to drink so much Coke, Mr Shane makes time for collecting Star Trek and Walt Disney, and he also collects stress balls! His mum makes all his glamorous costumes, and he is well known at every spotlight store across Melbourne. On our Glamour Puss school excursion to Las Vegas, Mr Shane won the title of "most extreme shopper", against some VERY stiff competition.