Miss Jane

Glamour Puss Studios founder and head mistress Miss Jane is rumoured to be a former Channel Nine dancer, Countdown dancer, Solid Gold dancer, and Dirty Dicks' chorus girl.

Miss Jane opened St Kilda’s Glamour Puss Studios on the smell of an oily sequin in 1997, and the rest, as they say, is history, with the studio now internationally recognised as Melbourne’s home of her kooky trademark tapping style “Glamourtap”, as well as being a haven for adult absolute beginners, retired Las Vegas showgirls, and everything in between.

Many of Miss Jane’s original and glamorous Glamourtap combination steps, such as the Ann Miller, the Vegas drag, The Tucson Roll, the Lazy Susan time step and the sequin step (just to name a few) have become Glamourtap vernacular, used by hundreds of Melbourne’s tap dancers.

She has trained with everyone from Miss June at the Mitcham Baptist Church Hall at the age of seven, to New York tap legends Omar Edwards and Brenda Buffalino, who have both held master classes at Glamour Puss Studios.

In 2002, Miss Jane was asked to take over the helm of Richmond’s Miss Lou-Lou’s Tap Dancing Academy, and now the two studios are run under the Glamour Puss banner.

Co-founder of Calamity Jane and her Tapping Cowpokes, who celebrated twenty years of camp cowhide covered cabaret kookiness in 2015, Miss Jane also dons the fishnets to perform with Miss Jane and her Tapping Glamour Kittens to Glamour Puss standards such as Abba’s Dancing Queen, and every Elvis and Tom Jones hit ever recorded.

Miss Jane, her legendary pink wig collection, and matching tap shoes have graced the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne’s Fringe, Comedy and Midsumma festivals (including her own Fringe Festival float!), the City Square, Federation Square, Chapel off Chapel, the National Theatre, and almost every low budget cabaret show channel 31 has to offer. Hell, she’s even tapped in front of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in Nevada for a low budget but high glamour independent film. AND she has her own line of Glamour Puss False Eyelashes. (Doesn’t everyone!?)

Miss Jane was born wearing false eyelashes with a martini in her hand.

She was born to tap, she lives to teach, she adores students who put on their first tap shoes as adults, and she isn’t bad on a pogo stick either.