Miss Fleur

Miss Fleur did not learn dance as a little girl but she did watch a lot of “Ivan Hutchinson presents…” Shirley Temple movies at her Nannas house on Sunday afternoons.

When her parents tried to pressure her into tennis lessons as a teenager, Miss Fleur put her foot down and insisted that they pay for tap lessons instead. Miss Fleur has never looked back.

Miss Fleur finds it very difficult to keep her feet still and you can find her tapping in any situation, including at work, cooking dinner and while waiting for her takeaway coffee in the morning. A secret tip from Miss Fleur is that photocopy room floors are usually great surfaces for tapping.

Each for very different reasons, Miss Jane, Shirley Temple and Savion Glover are her tap heroes. Miss Fleur’s favourite step is the five beat cramp roll. She also loves Hello Kitty, cup cakes and her dog.